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The Betting Strategy of Famous Bob McCune

Bob McCune in the mid-20th century was a successful bodybuilder. However, he was truly famous for his activity in the field of betting. Who is Bob McCune? Bob took up betting at a mature age, fascinated by mathematical analysis of the bookmaker lines. In addition, he led the company The Vegas Sports Information Center, which specialized in sports predictions.

According to the legend, one of the forecasters of the company consistently showed passability of 55-65% at a distance, far ahead of other employees in its performance. Later, he shared the secret of his betting system, which later became the basis for the famous strategy. McCune laid out this strategy in his book “The Education of a Sports Bettor”.

What Is the Essence of the Strategy of Bob McCune?

Learn more about Bob McCune strategy because it may be of use to you when betting at Bob McCune is convinced that only due to the correct reading of the bookmaker line (without any special knowledge in sports) one can show a passability of 55-62% over a long distance. In his opinion, an ordinary bettor should spend less time analyzing the upcoming match (after all, the bookmaker has already done the main analytical work on setting the line) and concentrate on the line movement.

The essence of the Bob McCune system: in many leagues, the movement of coefficients is not provoked by the general public, but by competent handicapers and insiders. Therefore, correct reading of the line motion is the key to a profitable game. In his book, all bettors are divided into 3 types:

  • Type 1: these players follow sports competitions, read sports publications, believe that they understand sports. The rates rely on your knowledge and luck.
  • Type 2: these players develop for themselves a working (in their opinion) forecasting method and follow it. Although in reality, the effectiveness of their forecasts is not very different from a coin flip. However, it is often difficult for them to abandon their unprofitable betting system.
  • Type 3: McCune refers to this type himself. These players have developed a profitable forecasting strategy, the rates for them are the way of earning. But even this type of players has problems with improving their strategies, introducing new approaches.

Bob McCune advises to follow the direction of the line. The last shift of the line is considered the most significant. McCune identifies several behavioral betting options:

  • Handicap is constantly moving in one direction. Accordingly, in case of an increase in the odds, it is necessary to bet on the favorite, in the case of a decrease in the odds - on the underdog.
  • The line is not moving. In this case, you should bet on the favorite.
  • 1 hour before the game (in basketball) or 5-6 hours before the game (in football) the movement of the line abruptly changes to the opposite. You need to bet, based on the last movement.
  • The line does not move, and shortly before the match there is a shift. Again, the last movement of the coefficients will be true.

To use the Bob McCune system, it is convenient to use coefficient comparison services that show the movement of a line.

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