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Key Innovations in League of Legends

During this period, the developers release a large-scale update, which radically changes the gameplay. It is not for nothing that the preseason is called the period of experiments and tests - there are so many changes, and the players need a sufficiently large amount of time to sort them out. We have collected several important innovations of the ninth competitive season, about which you should not forget, especially, if you are going to improve your knowledge before betting on

The Towers Have Extra Protection

Now the first 14 minutes of the match on each first tower tower plates appear. After inflicting 1000 damage to the tower, one plate falls down, and the champion who did this gets 160 gold. If there were several champions, then the money is divided equally. In this case, the loss of the plate increases the protection and magical resistance of all enemy minions and champions (except the first) for 25 seconds.

Tower plates are designed to not allow opponents to demolish the first tower in the first minutes of the match. Now champions who cannot capture dominance in the initial stages can easily be fed under the tower and earn gold. The aggressive champions will be delighted with the opportunity to receive almost 1000 gold for the first tower, which will further disperse them during the farm on the line.

Tower plates are awesome. They reduce that delta in time when the weak champion in the first stages becomes stronger, because now you cannot just kill him and destroy his tower, depriving him of the chance for farm.

Dragons Appear More Often, Buffs of the First Dragons are Increased

Now the first dragon appears on the map at 5 minutes, and not at 2:30, as it was before. This change is intended to motivate foresters to pay more attention to the lower half of the map and to interact better with the shooter and support in order to pick up the dragons. Moreover, now dragons will appear more often - every 5 minutes instead of 6. This will bring the team even closer to the beginning of the middle phase of the match.

The amplification of each of the four dragons in the early stages of the game raised a little. For example, the fire dragon buff now increases the attack power and skill bonus by 10%, not 8%. The dragon's reward is also increased - now the killer gets as much as 100 gold (instead of 25) and even more experience.

The Rune System Has Changed a Bit

If earlier you were free to choose only two branches of development, and the characteristics like attack speed or reduction of recharge were set automatically, then in the ninth season this will change - now there are three more small columns added to the runes page, in each of which you can choose additional attributes for your hero. Thanks to this, the customization of the character will become much more flexible. This innovation will surely bring in the fashion of the champions who have fallen out of it. The reward for defeating opponents in the series has changed.

Learn about new changes and get started!

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