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How to Make Your Own Jenny Craig Diet?

Are on a tight budget? Want to stay slim and look good? Let's review how to make your own Jenny Craig diet with our easy to follow steps. What can be better than a good food that costs a considerable and affordable sum of money? If you wonder how to create your own Jenny Craig diet we will help you. If only you follow the recommendations how to do your own Jenny Craig diet. Jenny Craig diet on your own is simple but requires some extra efforts, and if you are ready, let's make a diet like Jenny Craig.


Step 1

Measure your weight. Use your scales for that and record the results. By doing that you will figure out how many calories you have to cut down to achieve your weight goals. For that, you can use a metabolic calculator like which will assist you a lot.

Step 2

Get connected with someone whom you can find in a social network or wherever to be your partner. Achieve results together because the scientists claim that the best results are gained in pairs or teams. Take time to find a purposeful and reliable person. Perhaps, it may be someone from the opposite sex you like:) Who knows what your dreams may come.

Step 3

Go shopping and find the freshest food you can. It may be fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, nuts, etc. Meats are also welcome. Keep your calories in mind, noting that the normal intake of them is between 1200-1500 per day. Divide your dishes into 6 parts so that the total sum is as was mentioned.

Step 4

Create your own meal plan, using a calorie counting website Just enter the foods you would prefer to eat and record the results the site provides. Set a calorie goal for each day and try to reach it using these tools. Sometimes some of the foods will have to be removed if needed.

Step 5

Jenny Craig diet supposes not only dieting, but also exercising as well. Therefore, it would be great if you spend at least 30 minutes each day doing some physical activity. Measure your results for statistics. Do not forget to plan your shopping items according to your meal plan.

Necessary things:

  • a partner;
  • scales;
  • spoons and cups;
  • journal;
  • computer, laptop, etc.

Advantages of creating your own Jenny Craig:

  1. You choose food yourself according to your own taste priorities and budget.
  2. You do not have to pay extra fees and amount for shipping.
  3. You will not get bored because of the constant eating of food from a microwave.
  4. It will be fun to achieve your goals with a good partner together.

Disadvantages of such a method:

  1. You have to spend some time making your meal plan.
  2. Nobody will encourage you, so if it gets hard, be ready to rely on your own.

In general, it is much more beneficial to make your own Jenny Craig diet, than not to. However, it is absolutely up to you. If only you followed the rules of this diet plan because only then you will have significant results. Wish you to be happy when dieting because the right weight is not everything you need. Enjoy your food and have a nice day! Kill it! Smash it, but get it!

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