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A Guide for Dota 2 Beginners

Have you always wanted to play Dota? Check the best tips on how to choose the best hero and many more useful things you need to keep in mind. Learning the basics isn't a waste of time, especially if you are going to bet on Dota. Check dota2 team rankings before you get started.

Tips for Choosing a Hero

Beginners should choose heroes with simple abilities. For example, Wraith King, which in principle has only one active skill, and the other three are passive. It’s nice to start with ranged heroes that slow down the enemy. In particular, excellent starting options - Drow Ranger and Viper. The wonderful newcomer hero is the Crystal Maiden: you are guaranteed to benefit the team, if only because of your passive ability, which speeds up mana regeneration for all friendly fighters on the map. Also a good choice would be the two-headed dragon Jakiro, who knows how to freeze enemies and causes considerable damage with his last skill. And for Riki, it is relatively simple to play because it can learn permanent invisibility, which disappears only when it attacks enemies, or under the influence of certain objects and abilities. Check how to pick the hero to succeed in the game.

Communicate with the Team

If you want to successfully smash the enemies, all team members must understand what is happening and what each plans for the near future. It is not necessary to start an extensive discussion about high matters in the chat, but full communication within the team is one of the conditions for success. Coordinate with comrades attacks on enemy heroes, warn them about the possible danger. For example, if you notice that one of the opponents has disappeared from your path, it is better to inform the others about this. It is possible that the missing character went to the other end of the map to help his teammates deal with one of your team members. And try to keep yourself in hand, even if one of the players is very annoying you. Dota 2 online games are renowned for their unfriendly community - don't be part of the problem.

Don't Forget about the Store

The merchant is one of your best friends. Look to him more often. Hero in Dota 2 must be pumped at once in two ways. First, accumulating experience and distributing upgrade points between abilities. Secondly, buying items reinforcing it in a game store. It is impossible to forget about the need to periodically make purchases in any case. Ideally (especially if you are a beginner), you need to acquire new equipment immediately, as soon as you have saved money on it. In order not to run every time to the base, use the services of the game courier, but do not forget that he is alone for the whole team, and intercept it if the other player has already ordered delivery, in most situations it is a bad form.

Also, some items can be purchased at side stores. Depending on which path you are on (unless it is a center where there is no outlet in principle), it can be a little easier or a little more difficult to get to them. If you got a path with a side shop on enemy territory, do not be alarmed - guess the moment when the wave of creeps moves closer to the enemy's tower and quickly run for shopping.

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